Allieanna Pierson

About Me

Allieanna Pierson lives in Alton, IL. She is currently a senior at Alton High School. She plays the flute in Alton Marching 100 and participates in Alton High School’s Redbird Nest. She is currently an employee at Godfrey McDonald’s. Allieanna is enrolled at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale as a fall of 2017 student for Business (undecided). She would like to own her own business in Alton, Illinois after college. Her fascination with entrepreneurship began her junior year when she participated in a class at Alton High, Business Ownership and Management. Coincidently, she heard about the Riverbend CEO Program at an assembly the same year she became intrigued with business ownership. With the time she has when she is not working long hours or attending school, she likes to brainstorm about her business ideas. She is tremendously excited about this class and what it will teach her. Allieanna hopes to consume more information about entrepreneurship, so she can continue her dream with the knowledge that will help her flourish.

About My Business