Ryan Boyd

About Me

Ryan Boyd is a senior at Alton High School in the graduating class of 2017. As a student at Alton High, he is in the Riverbend CEO Program and also a member of the Redbird Golf Team. Ryan used to play baseball for the Alton High Redbirds but recently quit playing after his junior year, pursuing his dream of being a CEO. Ryan’s senior year isn’t going to be like any other high school year because of the opportunity he had to join a program that helps young adults pursue their dreams of becoming their own CEO through the Riverbend CEO Program. Ryan is very excited to see where CEO will take him in his future, knowing that it will lead to big success. Not just success for himself, but for all the students joining the CEO Program across the Midwest. Ryan strongly believes that the students currently in CEO are the future of the workforce around the world.

About My Business