Tayla Johnson

About Me

Tayla Johnson is a senior of Alton High School in Alton, Illinois. At AHS Tayla was a part of many organizations and clubs, which include: Chess Club, Upward Bound, Student Council, etc. Tayla’s academics mean the most to her. In these final months as a senior she’s taking greater leaps out of her comfort zone and exposing herself to more opportunities. One of these opportunities is the CEO program. The CEO program has taught Tayla to break from her shell and express herself in ways she hasn’t tried before. After the CEO program Tayla has more in store for herself. Moreover, Tayla has a had an aspiration of becoming a renowned neurologist where she will get her degree from University of Indiana-Bloomington. Tayla has a determination to be the best person she can be and the Riverbend CEO program is assisting her with this goal.